High court of Gujarat Translator Questions Paper (23-10-2021)

1.      Explain the meaning of the following Idioms: (any six) – 6 Marks

(1)  An Achilles’ heel

(2)  Autumn years

(3)  A blue-eyed boy

(4)  Be penny-wise and pound-foolish

(5)  It never rains but it pours

(6)  Be in a saddle

(7)  Be on top of the world

2.      Choose the correct near synonym for each of the following words from the given options: (10 Marks)

(1)  Stable

(A) Tottery

(B) Infirm

(C)  Shaky

(D) Sound

(2)  Manacle

(A) Liberate

(B) Handcuff

(C)  Detach

(D) Rescue

(3)  Taste (Verb)

(A) Devotion

(B) Disgust

(C)  Know

(D) Apathy

(4)  Awesome

(A) Stupendous

(B) Jading

(C)  Usual

(D) Atrocious

(5)  Good (noun)

(A) Hex

(B) Boon

(C)  Scourge

(D) None of these

(6)  Beautiful

(A) Hideous

(B) Abhorrent

(C)  Frumpy

(D) Comely

(7)  Worth

(A) Value

(B) Baseness

(C)  Lousiness

(D) Debts

(8)  Zenith

(A) Minimum

(B) Abyss

(C)  Base

(D) Apex

(9)  Capture

(A) Accord

(B) Procure

(C)  Part with

(D) Yield

(10)          Rupture

(A) Weld

(B) Close

(C)  Rift

(D) Merge

3.      Choose the correct near antonym for each of the following words from the given options: (10 Marks)

(1)  Wonder

(A) Miracle

(B) Caution

(C)  Prodigy

(D) Doldrums

(2)  Manage

(A) Control

(B) Swing

(C)  Cope with

(D) Mess up

(3)  Trouble

(A) Fret

(B) Fuss

(C)  Endure

(D) Bother

(4)  Free

(A) Released

(B) Captive

(C)  Liberated

(D) Freed

(5)  Fly

(A) Hover

(B) Soar

(C)  Glide

(D) Dwell

(6)  Conflict

(A) Clash

(B) Disaccord

(C)  Concord

(D) Strife

(7)  Human

(A) Humanoid

(B) Anthropoid

(C)  Earthborn

(D) Immortal

(8)  Rest

(A) Dozing

(B) Ease

(C)  Strain

(D) Repose

(9)  Untoward

(A) Recusant

(B) Defiant

(C)  Insubordinate

(D) Amiable

(10)          Adverse

(A) Hostile

(B) Inimical

(C)  Negative

(D) Favorable

Answers: -


1.      An Achilles’ heel (N) - A vulnerable/ Weak-point (कमजोरी)

2.      Autumn years (N) - Later years of someone’s life in which no work is done (सेवानिवृति काल या जीवन का उत्तरार्ध)

3.      A blue-eyed boy (N) – A favorite boy (पसंदीदा लड़का)

4.      Be penny-wise and pound foolish (V) – Extremely careful about petty money but not careful about large amount of it (छोटी-छोटी बातों या अल्पकालिक लक्ष्यों पर ध्यान देना और बड़ी तस्वीर को नजरअंदाज करना / बड़ी रकम या बड़े मामलों से निपटने में अविवेकपूर्ण होना)

5.      It never rains but pours (Maxim) If something bad happens, other bad things happen at the same time making the situation worse (कंगाली में आटा गीला)

6.      Be in a saddle (V) – be in a controlling or in a position of authority (नियंत्रक या मुखिया होना)

7.      Be on top of the world (V) Extremely happy/successful (बहुत आनंदित या सफल)


1.      B

2.      B

3.      C

4.      A

5.      B

6.      D

7.      A

8.      D

9.      B

10. C


1.      D

2.      D

3.      C

4.      B

5.      D

6.      C

7.      D

8.      C

9.      D