Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Overview:
What happens to your information?

When you make a purchase on our website, we collect personal data like your name, address, and email as part of the buying and selling process. While you browse our site, we automatically receive your computer's IP address to gather information about your browser and operating system. We may also engage in marketing activities with your consent, sending you emails about our store, new products, and updates.

How do we obtain your consent?

By providing us with personal information for specific purposes like completing a transaction, verifying your credit card, placing an order, arranging delivery, or processing a return, you implicitly consent to us collecting and using that information solely for those purposes. If we seek your personal information for secondary purposes like marketing, we will either directly request your express consent or provide you with an opportunity to opt in.

Withdrawal of Consent:
How can you revoke your consent?

If you change your mind after opting in, you can withdraw your consent for us to contact you or use your information at any time. To do so, simply contact us at Anandam Tutorials via email at

When might we disclose your information?

We may disclose your personal information if required by law or if you violate our Terms of Service.

Payment Processing:
How we handle payments?

We use Instamojo for processing payments, and they do not store your card data on their servers. The data is encrypted following the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Your purchase transaction data is retained only as long as necessary to complete the transaction, and after that, it is not saved. Our payment gateway adheres to PCI-DSS standards, overseen by the PCI Security Standards Council, which is a collaboration among major brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. For more information, please review the Terms and Conditions of Instamojo on