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The Reserve Bank of India provides a promising career in the banking industry. It has six grades A, B, C, D, E, and F. These are all class-I officers, who get lucrative salaries, benefits, allowances, and recognition. Candidates are recruited directly, and after getting recruited, they have a managerial role to execute the policy decisions framed by higher management. The probation period is usually 2 years and can be extended to 4 years.

How do we prepare you?
Comprehensive Fodder Materials

  • Fodder Materials contain a large number of Model Essays prepared by experts on various issues like social, economic, finance, science, and technology. Along with model essays, you get dot connecting technique to frame an effective essay, important articles on each essay chosen from authentic sources. The techniques how to attempt all the RC questions effectively, and the do's and don'ts of the precis writing are well-marked.

Descriptive English Mocks and Video Lectures

  • We provide the highest number of Section-wise and Full-length mocks, with their 360-degree evaluation by experts within a day. The mocks are of two types - personalized mocks evaluated by experts and non-personalized mocks evaluated by the candidate themselves by going through the pre-fed answers displayed then and there on mock submission. You get a sufficient number of video lectures by experts on various relevant topics.

Tutor chat and Phonic Guidance

  • Our experts are always at your disposal to dispel your doubts. The portal is highly friendly to assist you textually

The following is the syllabus for the Descriptive English Paper for this Exam:-

  • Full Marks - 100
  • Time - 90 Min
  • Number of Questions - 3 (Essay, Precis & RC)
  • Essay - 40 Marks for 300 words out of 4
  • Precis - 30 Marks to be written in 140 words
  • RC - 30 Marks for 5 Questions

Note: Two different passages are there for RC and Precis